Last month we had the awesome red E30 road course car on the rollers, and we worked around some small issues and it put out a very respectable 650whp, well the owner took it come, got his fabricator to fix a few things (exhaust leak, intake/boost piping), added a nice CCV setup and yesterday we hit the rollers again.  This time the logs were showing everything was going to be a great day!

Base boost ended up sitting at 240kpa (20psi) and with some tweaking the car produced a staggering 691whp and a table top TQ curve of 540wtq (over 500wtq available from 4500 RPM till redline).  Then we started to turn the boost up bit by bit until we reached 28 psi (couldn’t get any more boost out of the WG setup) for a final number of 776/668 at the wheels!  Just perfect for being at the edge of traction in any gear even in 5th on the back straights of Mosport!  The Racelogic traction control will certainly have it’s work cut out for it even once we setup the boost by gear.

Build basics:

S52B32, warmed over head w/ porting and polishing, 1mm oversize intake valves, Garrett GT4094R on an Otisfold Tubular manifold, VEMS Standalone, ID1000 injectors, Aeromotive fuel system, 110 OCT from Pro Race Fuels, Fabrication by Progressive Specialties (

Youtube vid:



Yesterday I had the opportunity to tune a wicked little car, it’s sole purpose is to go fast, very fast on the track.  The owner decided that he wanted to have enough power and grip to make sure that at any point on the track he would never be underwhelmed, under powered, or under tired.

With considerable time off from the track, this E30 went from stock fenders and a naturally aspirated S52 to a monster fully built S52, with a GT4094R turbo, tubular header, full blown fuel system HP monster.  While it is a work in progress, the owner wanted to know if his investment would be able to make enough power to give him the push to finish the fenders on this beast.

The car did far more than exceed both his and my expectations on the dyno, effortlessly pulling an incredible 649whp at a lowly 18psi of boost, which is his base wastegate pressure without breaking a sweat (me on the other hand was trying to combat the heat and humidity in the car with lots of water).  The plan now is to finish the car, and take care of a few small issues since the build has started and then bringing it back on the rollers to turn up the wick.  This car should easily see over 800whp to quickly shrink the straightaways on the track!

Welp…. tuning got put off… after the entire issue of the fan destroying everything around it and having a hell of a time trying to bleed the system, yesterday I pulled out the WP (brand new Bosch) on after the motor wanted to constantly over heat and lack of coolant flow…. I figure something happened to it when the manual fan destroyed itself and shocked it or something.

so in the mean time I put on my wheels… 255/35′s in the back :)


Well with all good things come some bad things…

Yesterday a good buddy of mine helped me get my exhaust system finished.. really happy with the way it turned out and more happy how it sounds… sounds really really good and aggressive which is what I was going for… yet a clean sound.

Today I finished up all the misc VAC lines to the WG/boost controller and lines to the VAC block and BOV.

Bled the cooling system (that was a PITA because everything was bone dry)… and took the car for it’s maiden voyage around the complex a few times.. All felt well and I needed gas so I put in the old headlights and just as I was pulling out of the complex I hear a bunch of noise from the front end.. looking back I was loosing coolant and the motor was vibrating like crazy. Pulled over popped the hood and found that the overflow hose was wrapped around the fan blade, multiple blades were missing and the brand new rad had major dents in the a few spots…

No idea what caused this. My guess is that the overflow hose that runs between the top of the rad and the fan shroud drooped down or something… the fan caught it and the rest is history.

Kinda bummed about it since the car was running/driving so well… tomorrow the new fan and expansion tank is going to be at the shop…

Anywho moving forward has been a little slow… I’ve been very busy with other things recently, and had few things that set me back on my car so.

First I finished off the SS hard line that will supply the boost reference to the boost controller/WG:

Then when I was ready to prime the motor with fluids and load a config on the ECU I connected the power wires incorrectly @ the front distribution block… that ended up in a blown fusible link (didn’t remember how to properly connect the front distribution block :P ):

I replaced it with a replaceable car audio fuse (also 80A)…

Then when it came time to start the car, everything seemed to be working except for spark. Going over everything I couldn’t find anything else wrong.

So I contact VEMS and after some testing and back and forth it seems like the ECU had a short somewhere in the voltage supply line from a regulator to the ignition chip. I asked that they send out one asap as a replacement, sure enough 2 days later I had my replacement ECU.

And then happiness ensued!

So pretty large update I’m going to try to condense here from the past few days…

First of all went and did some shopping…

Then had a really good buddy of mine come by the shop and do the piping for me…

took them out to clean and wrap..

Modified the fuel rail to have two -6 AN fittings on either end, and gave it a fresh coat of paint…

Fitted the fuel lines…

Rail installed for a test fit..




ID1000′s installed…

Temporary fuel pressure gauge installed so I can set the base pressure (going to go electric, but don’t have the gauge yet)…

Modified the AC line so it will clear the IC

General overview of where I’m at.. piping installed, fueling done, wiring cleaned up.

Tranny is in! Along with all new UUC mounts, SS clutch line for the slave, new Guibo, rebuilt shifter, etc…

I bent the A/C line straighter so that it had enough length to attach to the compressors new location.

Re-wrapped the ugly mild steel DP lol

And mounted the DP and connected the wastegate! And boy was that wastegate a bitch to connect… that’s why you’re supposed to put flexes in the WG dump. But ti’s all on and looks pretty nice installed if I say so myself :redspot

And to finish off the night I connected the ground strap to the motor :)

Hoping today that we can start of my IC piping now that I will have all the couplers, etc which should pretty much be the end of the fabrication and allow to wrap up the small things like fuel system (lines), oil drain, WBO2 wiring, and FP wiring.

The end is near! :)