Results from the Track on Friday…

  Bad news is, my clutch is slipping now…. Time to all Southbend and see whats up. Video of the above time slip… B8 S4 vs B5 S4… young vs old =)

New wheels on the way

Ordered a new set of wheels yesterday.. should be in on the first week of April… I’ll post updates/a teaser then!

IC love

Today I finally got around to installing my ER’s… after a few people posting that they’re such a pain in the ass to install I was expecting more, but they went in without a hitch.. little to no mods needed and got it the old…


no scrubbing with the brush of course… just a gentle wash with some tri-foam and pressure washer at the local wash bays….

Back together once again…

another day or two and I should have it back… the car looks brand new. I can’t thank the guys @ Superior Auto Collision enough for their amazing work.

Almost done!

Should be getting the car back from the bodyshop this week!


Oh HAI! Thanks to Max… ER Sidemount IC’s to replace my FMIC

The shopping list

Alright boys and girls… time to start collecting parts for future upgrades. The shopping list: ATQ/AHA heads Rods 3L Pistons ER or AMD SMICs RS4 Airbox (top) RS4 Y-pipe (maybe, might just have one made out of aluminum instead) Extra IM for modding (porting and…

giving it some love

sooo… got to my work last night around 9:00 completely unrelated to my car to look for some stuff, about 30 min after I pulled my car in and ended up being there till 4:00 in the morning working on it… started by trying to…