Tooning after another 1320 run @ Cayuga

time slips from tonight…. I was expecting more, but on this tune (new from a few days ago -see above) while very smooth it wasn’t very aggressive with boost when getting back on the gas in the upper RPM brand it just didn’t pull as well.

I did 3 more revisions today, on the first one I added too much WGDC and pegged my boost gauge (ooops 30 psi! I’m sure it was over 30 what the motor saw) and had MASSIVE detonation. No damage though, the was pulling 10 deg and I let off right away. Two more revisions and I have a MUCH stronger car now. Above logs @ 6500 RPM show accell G’s at just under .35 while now on this tune I managed just over .40 still so big difference.

but now a pic of my peak boost recall from the 30 psi moment and then my slips :)