giving it some love

sooo… got to my work last night around 9:00 completely unrelated to my car to look for some stuff, about 30 min after I pulled my car in and ended up being there till 4:00 in the morning working on it…

started by trying to open up the stock airbox opening for my 85mm. MAF, that didn’t work out (routed right through part of the neck), so moved on to trying to dissect my dead TB that was informative but after taking it apart it was clear it was going to stay in pieces lol….

then the real work began:

– swapping out my inner floppy door handle that came from blittle/
– then I fixed my OBD port in my bolster (I had hit it with my leg while logging and it cracked the tabs off of the bolster) by plastic welding on new tabs to keep it in place.
– then I decided to pull my ashtray for a few reasons… last time I pulled it to do something in that area when I put it back it wouldn’t latch closed anymore, the wires going in the ashtry for the meth controller and red switch (to turn on and off my carpc without the key) were causing the ashtry not to open/close properly, and the red switch for the carpc id a BAD idea because I can easily forget it in the on position and wake up to a dead battery.
– completely removed the meth controller and red switch, rewired the carpc to proper accessory wire coming from ign switch, made red switch turn on/off meth controller.
– while I was in the ashtray I always wanted a plexiglass surround, so I made one
– while I had to take the wheel off to get at the ignition switch I test fitted the 2nd gen TT wheel
– since the shifter was off I retrofitted my new shiftkob from a 2010 Audi S5

by the time I put everything back together it was around 3:45-4:00 and by the time I got home it was like 4:30… long night but feels great to fix all the little things in the car that has been bugging the hell out of me for the entire summer lol.

a few pics I snapped during the night…