Stock 2.7T TiAL S605 Build – Day 1

Well today is the day things start to happen….

Started @ 2pm…. working by myself, so I’m taking it slow since I never pulled a motor from an S4 before… RONDAL’s thread has been my goto thread for pics of tricky situations like the damn AC compressor [facepalm], took me almost an hour to find the 3rd bolt in the rear, but after that it’s been pretty smooth…

Front end is off…

Damn AC compressor finally out…

The engine harness all pulled and such form the firewall and tied to the top of the motor… Power steering, fuel and evap lines all disconnected as well.

at that point did a few more small things like disconnected the heater core, took out the axle bolts from the hubs… and then decided it was break time and went to get a good old Combo #1 from McD’s…. and create this thread…

Next up, get the axles out completely then drop the exhaust from the DP’s and drop the drive shaft, shift linkage and loosen all the mounts. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to lift the motor and pull it out a bit to get the slave and anything else in the way out and get the motor out onto a pallet by tonight. Might have to wait till a buddy will come by for that not sure if I feel like risking to break anything by trying to pull the motor on my own.


Exhaust is out, and Drive shaft is disconnected….


Driver side turbo out:

DS Turdbo (actually still looks good and no excessive play:

As RONDAL said, you will be cursing every known word to get this stupid 19mm out… agghhhhh!!!

Passenger side out:

PS Turdbo (also looks good with no play):

I have no idea why my turbo(s) sounded like they did, they really seem fine in regards to play and all the fins are there with little to no chipping… strange… but on to bigger and better things!