Spaced out

Kinda smallish update… it’s Thanksgiving long weekend here so not much work has been done.

I did manage to pick up some solid round aluminum stock from my buddy Marco @ SEM Motorsports, and went to my work on Sat night to spin up some injector spacers on the lathe. As some might know when using ID’s with a stock fuel rail & M50 mani, the injectors are slightly too short, and could┬ámove down which leaves the top o-ring in the rail to be right at the end and possibly have a fuel leak.

Since we don’t like or want potential fuel leaks, I took up the slack by machining some spacers that will not allow the injectors to move.

  • Outer dia: 19mm
  • Inner dia: 13.3mm
  • Thickness: 3.3mm

We have two lathes at my work that the service guys use, this is a small one (belt driven as you can see) but it works quite well with smaller things and softer materials like aluminum.

Started with round stock:

Once I reached 19mm outside diameter, time to get the inside to the proper size… 2 step process:

final 13mm drill:

and then slice them off at the thickness I required:

I did have to mill the inside of them open slightly which I didn’t show (for a final opening of 13.3mm) but that’s only because it was getting late and I wanted to go home lol.

Anyway, here is the finished product…