Intercooler mounted and fools pump is in!

Got the IC mounted yesterday…

Some veldings…


Also did the fuel pump install… I had gotten a whole “thing” from Bob but didn’t like it at all… it was not something I could put in my tank and feel good about so I took the Walbro 255 out of his basket and threw that away and took apart my stock pump basket and modified it until I was happy.

Soldered on the wiring from the Walbro to the stock pins/connector on the basket:

Using a die grinder I removed all the ridges in the original pump holder and made it larger:

Pump with some rubber coolant hose around it to make it snug in the holder:

Pump in the holder:

Back together again:

Just waiting on some Vibrant silicon couplers to continue with the IC and then it’s just minimal things to get this car up and running!