Tranny is in, downpipe is on… end is in sight!

Tranny is in! Along with all new UUC mounts, SS clutch line for the slave, new Guibo, rebuilt shifter, etc…

I bent the A/C line straighter so that it had enough length to attach to the compressors new location.

Re-wrapped the ugly mild steel DP lol

And mounted the DP and connected the wastegate! And boy was that wastegate a bitch to connect… that’s why you’re supposed to put flexes in the WG dump. But ti’s all on and looks pretty nice installed if I say so myself :redspot

And to finish off the night I connected the ground strap to the motor :)

Hoping today that we can start of my IC piping now that I will have all the couplers, etc which should pretty much be the end of the fabrication and allow to wrap up the small things like fuel system (lines), oil drain, WBO2 wiring, and FP wiring.

The end is near! :)