Anywho moving forward has been a little slow… I’ve been very busy with other things recently, and had few things that set me back on my car so.

First I finished off the SS hard line that will supply the boost reference to the boost controller/WG:

Then when I was ready to prime the motor with fluids and load a config on the ECU I connected the power wires incorrectly @ the front distribution block… that ended up in a blown fusible link (didn’t remember how to properly connect the front distribution block 😛 ):

I replaced it with a replaceable car audio fuse (also 80A)…

Then when it came time to start the car, everything seemed to be working except for spark. Going over everything I couldn’t find anything else wrong.

So I contact VEMS and after some testing and back and forth it seems like the ECU had a short somewhere in the voltage supply line from a regulator to the ignition chip. I asked that they send out one asap as a replacement, sure enough 2 days later I had my replacement ECU.

And then happiness ensued!