Welcome to the 700+club

Last month we had the awesome red E30 road course car on the rollers, and we worked around some small issues and it put out a very respectable 650whp, well the owner took it come, got his fabricator to fix a few things (exhaust leak, intake/boost piping), added a nice CCV setup and yesterday we hit the rollers again.  This time the logs were showing everything was going to be a great day!

Base boost ended up sitting at 240kpa (20psi) and with some tweaking the car produced a staggering 691whp and a table top TQ curve of 540wtq (over 500wtq available from 4500 RPM till redline).  Then we started to turn the boost up bit by bit until we reached 28 psi (couldn’t get any more boost out of the WG setup) for a final number of 776/668 at the wheels!  Just perfect for being at the edge of traction in any gear even in 5th on the back straights of Mosport!  The Racelogic traction control will certainly have it’s work cut out for it even once we setup the boost by gear.

Build basics:

S52B32, warmed over head w/ porting and polishing, 1mm oversize intake valves, Garrett GT4094R on an Otisfold Tubular manifold, VEMS Standalone, ID1000 injectors, Aeromotive fuel system, 110 OCT from Pro Race Fuels, Fabrication by Progressive Specialties (http://progressivespecialties.ca/)

Youtube vid: