Build – 2nd day

Today’s updates are brought to you by…. Molson M & Utopia London House….

Tranny’s off… dry and clean so I’m happy:

Clutch, FW, and PP off:

Rear main looks good and new so I ain’t touching that.. this motor is in great shape!


Alright, update time…

Spider hose out in one piece…

Old junk:

Old junk removed from (went very well actually, only took about 10 min to get everything out):

Passenger side engine mount modification and trimming of the tab on the coolant line:

Tools of choice:

Did a test fit of the PS turbo and inlet, wasn’t happy with the fitment so took it off again and went back at the mount with the angle grinder now that I know where to grind. Final result of mount:

Test fit the beautiful TiAL turbos and pipes once again and be happy with the results:

Intermission time… time to feed the belly…


So did a little spring cleaning under the DS part of the motor, it was covered in caked on oil from my previously leaking cam seals, etc… Nothing crazy it’s not a show car but it’s nice to be able to touch stuff without getting covered in muck all the time.

Then off to modifying the DS mount, did a little more then necessary but I’d rather have more clearance then too little:

Fitment of inlet pipe on DS:

Then I decided to put the Y-pipe on and connect both of the inlets and fasten the Y-pipe into place so I can get an idea of where to weld on the tabs to secure the inlets to the original spots on the head. I really wish TiAL would have done this already and then cut the pipe in two. I seen someone do that in another build thread and it only makes sense as it’s going to be a real PITA to remove/move the inlets if you need to so some servicing later if they’re one piece.

Starting to loose steam though and I have a lot of cleaning up to do so that the shop doesn’t look like a war zone on Monday. Need to keep people happy 😉

Engine bay cleaning will probably happen during the week sometime along with getting the tabs welded to the inlets.

Next weekend it will be back to finishing up the lines and making all the connections, getting the clutch kit installed and hopefully the motor back in and a few things buttoned up before the day is over on Sunday. [wrench]