Marat’s Boosted Corrado

There are some that decide to take on a path to build something no matter what it takes, no matter what failures might lay ahead continually working to get their project through to the end goal.  This is one of the times where it has finally all come together for Marat and his red VW Corrado.  One that he even daily drives!

With a fully built, worked over 12V VR6 engine capable of holding well north of 900hp it features parts like Pauter rods, JE pistons, a fully ported and polished head by Howard Chin of Ciera Engine Developments, paired with Ferrea goodies and 288 camshafts to make use of it all.  A tubular manifold with a Precision 6766 feeding it all the boost the engine can consume to a maximum set 8200 RPM limit. Feeding all this with a massive fuel system, going through a set of Injector Dynamics injectors.

The engine is controlled by a PnP Lugtronic (VEMS) ECU setup with full closed loop boost control via a MAC 4 port solenoid, wheel speed inputs allow boost by gear so give the front wheels somewhat of a fighting chance.  Somewhat

So take all the above parts and put them together, add some fuel and spark and after some time on the rollers on pump gas this combination produced a whopping 573 whp and 422 wtq at just 18-19 psi on plain old 94 octane pump fuel.


Of course, when you’re at the race track the above numbers might not be quite sufficient considering the caliber of cars we see these days.  So we drained out the pump fuel, and dumped in some fresh VP Q16 and without much cool down time at all back on the rollers we started to turn up the boost. We battled wheel spin on the dyno rollers stopping around 31-32 psi the car produced 753 whp and 573 wtq through the front wheels.



That’s a whole bunch of HP and TQ to be putting through two front wheels.  Once Marat is ready to dial in the car at the track the car will be dialed in further by using the boost by gear system in the ECU to manage traction. For now I’m sure he will just enjoy the low boost setting on his daily drives on the street.