Build – 3rd day

So back to work as promised!

Started off with a bunch of new parts from Audi… 2x crush turbo seals, 2x DP gaskets, 8x Flywheel bolts (need to be cut down for my single mass FW), 2x oil cooler coolant lines, 1x Audi V8 FP basket + strainer:

First order of business, swap coolant lines for oil cooler and reattach the hard lines and snub mount bracket:

Next, finish assembling the coolant and oil lines for the turbos from the kit:

And while I’m waiting on my buddy to bring me his dial indicator for setting the WG preload, I will be measuring the difference needed in the bolts for the flywheel bolts from dual to singlemass. I’ve read it’s ~10mm less but I’d rather measure myself to be sure, then i’ll probably shop them off with a hacksaw and clean them up on the lathe.


Onwards with cutting down the flywheel bolts.

With the Dual Mass they protrude 10.45mm, on the Single Mass 15.05mm, so I have to take off 4.6mm to get them to stock length for the TTV Steel Flywheel.

On the lathe:

The difference:

Flywheel mounted… I improvised on the TQ specs because if the shortened bolts… I did 50 ft lb (lowest setting on the TQ wrench) + 90 deg. It’s tight as hell, so not worried about them coming loose. Applied a fresh dab of blue loctite before inserting as well.

Clutch disk and PP on:

At this point both turbos are on, all the lines (except for the reference lines) are on and tight, pic of the passenger side:

Next up, get the reference lines on, double check everything and then put the tranny back on and the DP’s and all the misc hoses (spider, N75, etc)….

Tranny is on…

Boost is made here…

I think I’m about done for the night… Gonna party it up tonight..

Tomorrow, fit the DP’s and modify the boost pipe as per the manual, connect all the lines clean the drive shaft flanges and rebuild the inners and slap the lump back in… good times to be had…