Tooning.. the beginnings

So yesterday I decided to look into my car a little more since the swap… I’ve been developing a misfire the past 2-3 days, and 2 days ago I got a blinking CEL from it (random misfire/misfire cyl 1)… so I got some new plugs (almost 20k km on the current 7E’s) and after work I dug in…

Pulled the old ones… for whatever reason all 6 seems uber loose in the heads, it took no effort to loosen them at all… anyway, I pull #1 and inspect it. Plug looks good physically but after checking the gap I see why that one was having an issue… gap was now 0.032″ obviously a little too large for 24 psi. I continue to pull the rest and replace them with a fresh set of 7E’s gapped to 0.024″.

Pic’s of the old plugs… nice even colour/burn, no excessive wear or anything.. could have been re-gapped and put back in but for the cost of coppers it’s not worth it.

Then I decided to check both DV’s, make sure they not sticking… they’re not.

And then pressure test the system just because I never did it since putting the motor back into the car with the new setup. Again, tight as a drum up to about 15-17psi before the pressure tester blew off and almost shot across the room lol.

Then out of dumb luck I had my MAP sensor disconnected at the TB (to get at the DV line) and doing so and turning on the ign/meth kit the pump will go full tilt (was going to flash a new revision). Well good thing it happened because I discovered that every single fitting was leaving HUGE amounts of meth. To the point that there was nothing coming out of the nozzles because there was no pressure left.

I’m assuming that the heat and meth after almost 2 years of use ate up the seals in them but WOW… no wonder I wasn’t getting any cooling effect from the meth anymore since the new install (90+ F IAT’s)

Video showing just the leaking Y fitting… after I already repaired the two nozzels themselves… and the output fitting on the pump leaks too…

Leaking Meth Fittings!

So anyway… after fixing everything except for the output fitting on the pump (didn’t have one to replace it with) the car drives a lot better now and obviously they must have been the source of a leak as the car is running a lot different now then before under boost.

Did another revision to the tune this morning, things are starting to get pretty good now! I’ll update with some logs soon!