First time @ Cayuga for a 1320 pass

Well it was a late night from the track… quite eventful for a test and tune that’s for sure. Tons of Audi’s showed up (people I knew and didn’t know).

I got to the track (1.5 hr drive), teched in, and went straight to the staging lines… Was all pumped, line up outside of the groove (didn’t want too much traction 😉 and launched around 3800-4000 on the upswing, wheels just spin and the tach goes straight to redline LOL.

Then I go to pack 2nd gear and this happens:

man was I confused… I didn’t even understand what happened at that point and once I did I threw the pieces down, found 2nd and kept going… still beat the other guy with a 13.7 @ 116 lol.

Then just before I get to do my 2nd run, an Audi in front goes down the lane pops a coolant hose pretty much just after the 60′ mark and drives the rest of the way down the track… intermission for 30 mins until they finally say it’s no use and that land is closed.

So we’re on a busy TT day with tons of cars and one lane… great.

I get to the line (other side this time), kinda go into the groove this time and launch around 4k again, tries again just fry (even worse) tach back to redline. I granny shift 1-2, and the rest I pack normally like I would on the street. Resulting in an ok-ish 12.5 @ 117 mph run. Someone PM’d me saying they have this run on video and will put it up on Youtube [:)]

I would have loved to go again on my daily tune (I was on my experimental tune that I made up this morning) but the line up was HUGE.

The tune I was on (with one with the fueling issues) was weird… on the street rolling on to it already in a gear it would pull like a train (more boost better AFR), but that the track the load was clearly different from packing gears @ redline, AFR’s were horrid (WB showed 0.75-78 lambda) and boost was a max of 24psi.

Hopefully I can get a solid tune in place for the next time!