More spark issues

so all along it wasn’t my 20k NGK’s that were the issue.. yesterday the car developed the same misfire as a few weeks ago.. then I stumbled across this:

Link to AZ

which then dawned on me, I actually saw that on Cyl #1 of my last plugs.

After reading that post today, I brought the car in to my shop during lunch and pulled the plug from Cyl #1.. low and behold…. you can clearly see where the spark energy from the coil was travelling down the side of the ceramic (it actually etched not cracked the ceramic BTW).

I inspected my boost, but can’t see anything wrong with it… but obviously there is a problem, so I had an extra coil pack and boot and swapped the boots.

I then took one of my old 7E’s from2 changes ago (approx 35k km on them) regapped it and put it in.

I’m hoping that the misfires will be gone and stay gone after this.